Little Loving Hands

Little Loving Hands is a crafts box subscription service that teaches children the importance of empathy and giving. Parents can engage their children in a fun, creative activity while teaching them who, why and how they are helping.

When we began our Consult Your Community engagement with LLH, Mrs. Lily Yeh (CEO and Founder) asked us to drive up subscription rates. We took this objective and ran with it, developing and executing two holiday campaigns across her social media platforms. For each channel avail to us, we determined the advertising budget, target audience, ad copy and run time. 

Our month-long social media takeover generated over $26k in revenue, 141 new subscriptions and 55 subscription renewals. To put that number in perspective, LLH had only seen $31.5k in revenue over the past 90 days. Our work caught CYC National's attention, and we were asked to interview for the pilot episode of the Community Voice podcast.




Social Media Planning

Targeted Advertising

Instagram Layout:  1st campaign created one snowy landscape.

Instagram Layout: 1st campaign created one snowy landscape.